Is Super Junior and Girls Generation Leaders Dating?

Leeteuk (Super Junior) and Taeyeon (SNSD)

The leaders of two of the biggest groups — literally and figuratively — are caught up in the latest romance rumors. Lee-teuk of Super Junior and Te-yeon of Girls Generation were spotted wearing the same earring on the same ear, triggering speculations that the two may be dating.

Hawk-eyed netizens captured shots of Lee-teuk at the latest SM Town Live 10 World Tour in Jamsil, Seoul on August 21st, wearing an earring in his right ear. They then proceeded to compare that earring to the one worn by Tae-yeon in another picture from a red-carpet event of the movie “Super Bad” at the CGV Theatres of Wangshimni on September 7th. The online community was left scratching their heads wondering what the seemingly identical earrings shared by the idol stars could symbolize.

Various comments started being posted: “It’s possible because they’re both signed under SM Entertainment”, “Lee-teuk and Tae-yeon are extra sweet just to each other”, “Fans may not want to admit it, but it appears to be true that they’re dating”, “Anyone can coincidentally wear the same earring”, “Could it just be mere coincidence?”

One of the reasons why merely identical earrings are causing such a fuss is because this isn’t the first time that Lee-teuk and Tae-yeon have been caught sporting the same jewelry? Last March, the two idol-group leaders wore spotted wearing the same necklace having launched a whirlwind of speculation.

Source: KBS News


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