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Kim Jonghyun (김종현), commonly known as Jonghyun, is the main vocalist in the group. He was born on April 8, 1990 (age 20) and raised in Seoul. He was discovered at the “2005 S.M. Casting System”. Before debuting with Shinee, Jonghyun sang a duet, “Wrongly Given Love” (交错的爱), with Zhang Liyin for her debut Chinese album I Will.

JongHyun is the lead vocal of Korea band SHINee. Jong Hyun was discovered at the “2005 S.M. Casting System”. Before debuting with SHINee, Jonghyun sang a duet, “Wrongly Given Love” (交错的爱), with Zhang Liyin for her debut Chinese album I Will.

Real Name: Kim Jonghyun (김종형)
Stage Name: 종현 / JongHyun
Nickname: Bling Bling Jonghyun
Birthday: April 8th, 1990
Height: 173cm
Bloodtype: AB
Position: Lead Vocal
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MySpace Page:

Jong Hyun’s voice is amazing – with a husky tone but with so much power; theres no wonder he’s one of the brightest stars of Shinee. Through watching Shinee’s reality show, Jonghyun is the most romantic so most of you may fall for him for that.

Fellow SM artists Jong Hyun of SHINee and Jessica of Girls’ Generation/SNSD sang Ne-Yo’s “Sexy Love” together on Shim Shim Ta Pa. Although Jong Hyun’s vocals clearly overtook Jessica’s, the performance was still enjoyable. The two kept gazing longingly at each other, I couldn’t handle the chemistry. They really couldn’t have chosen a sexier song. Hell, I don’t know which was hotter–Jong Hyun repeatedly crooning “baby girl” or Jessica whispering “he makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up” at 1:26. Also enjoyed Kim Shin Young’s ghetto-fabness at 3:02.

Jonghyun Facts

  • Has been said that the first line of “Love like oxygen” sounds like Michael Jackson’s style. “It does sound like it a bit.”, he admits it himself.
  • “Bling Bling Jonghyun”, He uses it all the time, be it during messaging or talking, he uses it. Because he loves R&B and Hip-hop too much, he wishes that he can shine forever (like bling bling). If you want it difficult to call that, “Hey Bling” can be used, thats what the members call him.
  • Will tend to talk at a really fast speed when he gets nervous, but because he talks a lot usually, nobody ever notices that habit of his.
  • There is no shortcut to acheiving perfection, just hard work and more hard work, if he is unable to take it, he will hide in the toilet for a cry, and then continue to work even harder during practice.
  • Has a lot of charisma on stage, but is very endearing and fun to be with off stage, before debut, he chats with Taemin everyday when returning home, is the member who is the most unanimous with his relaxation and lifestyle.
  • “If I meet an alien, I will definitely be scared at first, but after awhile when I get to know it, I will consider how to send it back home.” said Jonghyun
  • Regardless of anything, no matter how many times he had performed on stage, whenever he hears his own song he will still get exceptionally excited, will lipsynch along, dance along, fidget around in his seat, even when he chokes on water he will still remain engrossed.
  • A very lively student in high school, able to digest English and Korean songs very well. Formed a band, composed music during that time, believes that if you truly like something, it is not difficult to persevere on.
  • Understands the importance of heath, so does not eat stuff like instant noodles even when he is very hungry. To practise on an empty stomach is definitely tough, but in comparison, won’t it feel really good to finally eat a full meal during breakfast? — After tolerating for so long, it’s finally time to enjoy.
  • Is not scared of the camera at all, a 180 degree display or 360 degree all show? Just state it.
  • Feels that he is a good hyung, and a good dongseng to the members, if not for the fact that they always interrupt him which makes him flares up at them shouting “Keep quiet!” at times, his image is pretty perfect.
  • Makes total and absolute preparation for everything, will even stay up overnight without sleep to prepare. If his progress does not meet his own expectations, he will feel restless and a little short tempered.
  • Likes girls who seek novelty at times, is willing to accept the age gap of up to 6 years.
  • Why cover up if you make a mistake, just admit it truthfully won’t it be good? (jonghyun nice quote)
  • Has a lot of notices, will show off to his members after returning to the dorm. Will also miss his members whom he don’t know what they are doing while he is at certain shows/programs, if there is a chance, he will like to bring all his members along.
  • The only secret to maintaining a good complexion despite a very hectic schedule is to simply maintain a positive mindset.
  • Is very proficient in the guitar, bass and piano.
  • Wakes up the earliest in the dorm, will wake up Key after he is done with washing up, Key will then wake Onew up, then Taemin and lastly, Minho — “I am the one who wakes up the earliest! I am most confident about it!”
  • “How do I wash the rice? Why doesn’t Key umma know?! …So you have to wash it like this, Taemin? Wow!” (jonghyun’s haha)
  • He sucks at soccer.
  • Jonghyun claims that he plays the “bad person” role in the group by being strict with the other members more than the leader, Onew.

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