How I got KPop-ed

JPOP was my first love.
I like how they present their anime and how the songs fit in their storyline..
I heard about BOA but never really got time to hear some of her songs..thought she was japanese (“,)v

I first heard about KPOP when Rain was big here in the Philippines.
Then came Sandara Park and became one of the Top 4 contestant in Star Circle Quest in the Philippines.
But all her songs were in Filipino back then..

When 2NE1 became super famous in here because Sandy (Sandara’s filipino nickname but now she’s known as Dara). My really close friend got hooked (with KPOP)… I was always with her and hear her blabber about KPOP and stuff with my other friend that also got hooked with KPOP. (*edited*)

Then came other KPOP artist like Wonder Girls and Super Junior, then Girl’s Generation, BEAST, FT Island, SHINee, 4 Minute and JYJ. Yeah they’re great but not that great that I can be hooked.

Then my friend (the first one I mentioned) sold her PSP to me. She left some files like videos, pictures and MP3s. The very first one I watched was Seung-Ri’s Strong Baby. I liked it… then I searched more videos… and found Big Bang’s Haru Haru MV. I watched it… after the MV I noticed myself crying and sobbing without reasons.

I searched more videos in YouTube and found Taeyang’s Wedding Dress. I slowly noticed myself that I’m now hooked and that’s all because of Big Bang’s music. Now, all my playlist includes Big Bang’s albums.


About Princess Hyori
I am just a girl living in a really strange and unfair world. But I am trying to do my best to be happy and contented with my life.

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