DBSK Duo Releases “Keep Your Head Down”

Mark January 3rd as DBSK (TVXQ/Tohoshinki) duo will release their newest single “Keep Your Head Down” two days before their comeback album release on January 5th which came with the same title as the song.

Here is the 15 seconds preview of the MVs:


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2 Responses to DBSK Duo Releases “Keep Your Head Down”

  1. paula benvinda says:

    In YT I saw the english translated video of this song. The tough beat of the music and their voices seemed to me like they were really angry and it difficult not see the lyrics as a message to JYJ but it could also be interpreted as an answer to a girl who hurt very, very much a boy. An hate song in opposite to the many love songs in the world. That made ask myself, and didn’t found the answer so please, if you know answer me, who wrote this lyrics.
    Anyway, I’m very happy that Yun Ho and Chang Min are back singing.
    Good luck to them

    • Maybe the duo still felt sad about the disbandment of the group.. and it reflects on how they perform. Music is the reflection of the soul. It reflects how we feel and it acts like a two way mirror.

      I am happy to see them singing again too. Let’s just hope that both of the group will be successful.

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