Taeyang of BigBang will be in America for 2 weeks

Taeyang’s sudden departure to the United States made some big buzz over the internet before the most anticipated comeback of one of the best male korean group, Big Bang in February.

“Big Bang member, Taeyang left for the United States yesterday through Incheon International Airport. He will be going to stay about two weeks,” YG Entertainment said.

“Taeyang’s eagerness is outstanding. He volunteered to receive dancing lessons instead of the short rest the agency gave to them before their upcoming album release.” He continued.

Meanwhile, G Dragon told OSEN recently an interview, “As much as the fans have been waiting, we will come out with a lot prepared and give them great songs. We’ll completely fill the album with good songs and show songs that express our various tastes and personalities.”

T.O.P. also said, “Aren’t people saying that these days, the popular music industry is a generation of three week albums? No matter how much effort you put in, if it passes three weeks, there is no opportunity left to show what you have to your fans. Big Bang will surpass those boundaries and will satisfy everyone’s anticipation by going all-in on our album production.”

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment is working up with plans to spur more serious side of the waters of the United States than in Japan, and in exchange is in full swing. In fact, the regular first album, released last fall 2NE1 finishing ahead of all the progress made in the United States in February this year make a new album, Big Bang is expected to undergo a similar preparation.

Everyone that loves Kpop and especially to VIP fans have long anticipated the comeback of one of the most popular hiphop/pop group, BIGBANG will rock your world in February.


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