MBLAQ’s Stay ver.2 MV Teaser

MBLAQ’s Stay ver.2 MV 뮤직비디오 티저

Stay is MBLAQ’s 2nd song in their album “BLAQ style”

Their album has been in production for months, and fans have eagerly awaited for its official release. The day has finally arrived, as the boys of MBLAQ dropped their first ever album, “BLAQ STYLE“, on January 10th!

Comprised of 13 tracks, fans can experience a variety of styles, including tearful ballads, a fusion of rock and electronica, as well as infectious dance anthems. The boys also received some formidable production help from E-TRIBE for “Cry” and Rain for “Darling“!

Check out the album below, and don’t forget to support the artists by grabbing their album here.

source: allkpop

See the full version here


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  3. Earl Vegas says:

    great post! keep it on!

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