Yunho’s Comments About Junsu’s Tweet

TVXQ revealed an ardent mind to want JYJ members to come back.

In recent interview, they expressed feelings about a friction with JYJ saying,

“We’d waited for them for 2years and 3months. But there was no call or message. In spite of their absences, we had to protect the name of TVXQ which was created by SM Entertainment, five members and lots of fans. Not being forgotten, we thought we had to protect it by preparing eagerly.”

Hero, Micky, and Xiah of JYJ

Regarding the Junsu’s ‘Enemy’ remark on Twitter, Yunho said,

“When I first saw what he wrote, I thought he was making a mistake. I don’t care about what he talks about me. but it’s wrong to call staffs especially the older Enemy.” He also added “Last but not least, come back to where you used to be. We were happy in the name of music. But we started to have different perspectives. I think it’s up to us. I don’t want to talk about it more. Take care.”

DBSK Duo: Changmin and Yunho

Translated by KIB7(Cho, Suk-Hyeon)


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One Response to Yunho’s Comments About Junsu’s Tweet

  1. Mary says:

    rt now, more than sad, I’m confused, I don’t know if this is just a nigh dreams or real, I don’t know how my heart is, is my heart still beating and alive? for all 5 r always DBSK! I’ll believe in them(5) and always support every single member with the same heart!

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